Get out the house!

Empty Chair
A chair doesn’t have to be empty

When did we start to become prisoners of our home?  There is a big wide world out there full of interesting stories and people to become familiar with.  Not to mention that being outside in actual daylight is good for our physical and emotional health.  Our desire to be easily entertained seems to be the problem facing us.  A comfy sofa, warm drink in one hand and remote control in the other unleashes it’s tempting attack after a long day at work.  But, what if we all succumb to this kind of cabbage like lifestyle?  Our public footpaths through parks and scenic countryside would be void of people.

‘Old fashion seems to come around quicker than you think; old is vogue!’  

With that thought pressed deeply into our minds; think picnic.  Use your Saturday afternoon to show that special person you’re a romantic and forget the stroll into town.  Instead, plan your picnic at your local park or take a ride into the countryside among trees and lazy rivers.  Go Victorian!

Is getting out the house starting to appeal to you?  A picnic too much work though?  Well, many well-known places of beauty now have great cafés close by;  full of home-baked treats to get stuck into.  Going outdoors, being among the flowers, soaking up the suns happy ‘vitamin d’ rays and walking off the weeks stresses will do the world of good for you and your loved ones.

The only empty chairs should be the ones in our home.  So, get yourself outside and start enjoying life the way it was intended; among nature.




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