3 Ingredient Fruit Cake – Keep Your Friends

Making friends seems easy and natural to many. Others find it terribly exhausting to even think about conjuring up enough courage to start a conversation with a complete stranger, which after many more discussions and meetings will evolve into a truly meaningful friendship.

Have you ever said to yourself, or to others, “I always attract the crazies”?

Some people find sufficient reasons not to feel the need to expand their current friendships. Excuses like:

  • finding out they’re manic depressives with suicidal tendencies.
  • or crazies wanting your undivided attention, becoming angry when recent text messages they had sent weren’t replied to instantly (actually, these excuses aren’t so bad after all! Just kidding!).

Annoyingly scary as the negatives may seem, the advantages of friendship outweigh them. Whilst on the subject, I’m not talking about your million Facebook friends you’ll never really know, but friends who you can speak to face to face, and on a regular basis.

Trees need time to grow tall and strong. They need watering regularly and abundant sunshine to survive. Friendships are similar; they require deep, refreshing conversations to allow roots to form deep within a heart. Like the suns radiant warmth feeds the entire tree, physical contact strengthens the relationship. Experiences lasting a lifetime will stand out like the branches of a tree. Through beautifully sunny days and stormy weather, your relationship will endure for a long time, even forever. (That’s poetry!)

Friends made quickly can be lost quickly. So, don’t be overly envious of the most popular person in the room as they may be the loneliest.

You may not have loads of money to treat your friends to lavish surprises; but what about baking them a cake? This simple fruit cake recipe can be found in my EBook – Nigro’s Kitchen and the best thing is, all the ingredients come in at under a money saving £3.50 (roughly $4ish), the price of an upmarket cup of coffee.

Every true friendship is built by hard work. Rarely some fail (let’s be honest), but even they can be beneficial by providing additional life experience, learning curbs if you like. It seems only good can come out of a true friendship. Is that how you feel? (Leave a comment)

May we never deny ourselves the opportunities of discovering, building and enjoying new friendships.


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