One Real Friend Is Better Than A Thousand Likes!

No greater burden can be born(e) by an individual than to know no one cares or understands – A. H . Stainback

A lasting friendship calls for loyalty The thought of having no one to talk to about the goings on in life would be a very sad thing.  Everyone should have at least one person they can trust implicitly.  Whether that be a family member or friend.  Meaningful conversations with others are so important to our well-being.

The problem with society today is that many value themselves based on electronic ‘likes’, rather than real ones.  Social media ‘like’ Let’s say this post only receives one or two likes, no one replies in the comment box or only get’s read by a handful of people.  Does that mean the information is not helpful, or that people think I’m an awful person?  It means none of those things.  The information you shared is what matters to you, or what is relevant in your opinion at the time.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, “don’t spend your whole life sitting at a computer waiting for ‘likes’ or ‘followers’ to prove your worth”.   Socialize with real people and become comfortable around them.

“I’m Shy” you may say to yourself.  It may seem easier for others, but how do you really know ‘the confident one’ is not trying hard to socialize?  They may just be at a different stage of overcoming their shyness than you are.  But, how will you know that if you don’t talk to them and find out?  You see, nothing is a quite as it seems.

My book Nigro’s Kitchen deals with the emotional side of eating with friends or family and what they can do for our self-esteem and confidence.  (It has some great recipes too; especially my home-made tiramisu!)

It only takes one person to take an interest in you, to spark an inner joy which cannot be extinguished.  Knowing someone cares enough about you to share their precious time and affection, brings a simple, yet powerful happiness into your life.

Never forget one important truth:  If you want to be loved, then be lovable!  It really does help 🙂

How do you feel about ‘likes’ on social media?  How much do they mean to you?  Does having a good friend make you a better person?


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