The Best Way For A Small Business To Make An Impression On The World

(This blog post is to help small businesses invest their money wisely in behalf of ISOStart)

An ISO Accreditation is valid proof that good investment has been made into your business.

Are you looking for a way to invest your money?  Are you thinking about advancing your business? 

ISO accreditations are internationally recognized standards that big businesses want to see smaller companies investing in.  These accreditations prove without a doubt that you are serious about making your business a success, are highly organized, are abiding to health and safety and environmental standards and laws.

ISO Management System Template
ISOStart has a colour coded management system template ready to improve your business.


Does it require a lot of my time?

Depending on the size of your business, initial implementation of the management system template can take three to six months.

Is it expensive?

Only if you use an auditing firm from start to finish.  ISOStart provide a colour coded integrated management system which will save you thousands.

How is it different from a start to finish deal with an audit company?

An official auditing company will take you under their wing with a complete service from providing you templates, to regular site visits.  Each visit could cost thousands depending on the length of stay.  This is an intense way of starting your ISO accreditation journey.

On the other hand, ISOStart provide the three main accreditation templates within a color coded easy to navigate management system.  It will also contain an informative guidance document to help you through the process of filling it in.

By taking advantage of this procedure; money, time and mental energy is saved.  When you are halfway through implementing the system into your company call an official auditing company to come in and assess your business.  Again, depending on the size, it could take one – three days.  If the auditors find anything that has not been implemented they will give you sufficient time to put it right (usually 4-6 weeks) after which evidence is provided through an e-mail or another site visit depending on how serious it is.

I cannot put any more weight on just how much implementing the ISOStart system could save you.

  • A complete ISO accreditation using an auditing company could cost you anything in the region of £5,000 – £10,000+.
  • ISOStart costs only £249.  You only need to pay for the audit visit (*£1 – 1.5k) and final ISO accreditation (*£1.5k).

Like I said, Implementing this management system template could literally save you thousands.

*general amounts

What ISO does the system cover?

The management system template will cover the main three ISO standards companies look for:

  • quality control (9001)
  • health and safety (18001)
  • environmental (14001)

Quality control is coloured in green; Health & Safety in yellow and Environmental Blue.

How will implementing this system help my business?

You will see very quickly how implementing the ISO 9001 (Quality) drastically improves efficiency and work ethic.  This will allow your management team to quickly and effectively make the best use of their time allowing your business to run smoothly.  Each member of the team will be assigned clearly defined roles which are checked and audited by a core management team.  It will become very clear if anyone is a weak link hampering your business objectives.

Health and Safety has become a top priority for all businesses.  Ensuring that every aspect of your business is Health and Safety conscious and training is implemented and overseen, your accreditation in this field will pull in bigger firms wanting to use your services.  Having this accreditation will prove you uphold the highest standards of safety (Some have said ‘this is SafeContractor on steroids’).

Environmental issues again are in the news constantly these days.  More and more needs to be done to make sure businesses are abiding by laws which protect the environment.  Following the ISO 14002 standard will keep your business aiming high for a better and cleaner earth.  An area, big firms want to see being implemented in their contractors and service providers.

This has just touched the surface of how well implementing the management system can change your business for the better.

Just following the system without wanting to attain the ISO standards alone will drastically change your business for the better. 

If you are thinking about implementing ISO standards into your small business with the goal of growth along with saving thousands in the process, start by using ISOStart’s Colour coded management system.

Do I receive any extras?

Yes!  Along with the management system and guidance notes, you will receive lots of additional templates to help your business start-up i.e. accident report slips, non-conformity reports, fire extinguisher reports and so much more!


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