A Guide Dog – A Valuable Pet

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When treated correctly and given the proper training, a pet can become a beloved companion, like a family member.

Domesticated animals can also be a source of encouragement to people, helping them to feel loved and safe.

More than any other pet, a guide dog has been trained specifically as an aid to the blind.

Guide-dog trainer Michael Tucker, author of The Eyes That Lead, believes that a guide dog can open up a whole new world for the blind, giving “freedom, independence, mobility and companionship.”

Truly, the rapport between such dogs and their masters is often a pleasure to behold!

Without such a valuable dog, blind people would certainly find it more difficult and scary to be mobile.

Are there any other situations where pets are useful to their owners?

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Yes, to those who are disabled in other ways.

A dog owned by a woman confined to a wheelchair has been taught to pick up her telephone and to lick stamps for the mail! (great!)

Another dog responds to 120 commands, even gathering cans and packets from supermarket shelves. How? The disabled owner uses a laser dot to identify items that he has chosen, and his dog then takes them to him. (That’s amazing!!!)

Pets benefit the elderly as well.

The Toronto Star reported: “Companion animals are associated with lower stress, fewer doctors’ visits and even better survival rates after heart attacks.”

So, if you have ever thought about getting a pet for yourself or your ageing parents, think that little bit more serious about getting on with it 🙂


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