Why Is It Hard To Forgive Myself?

Forgiving ourselves can be one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome in life. 

We may have really hurt someones feelings or even physically caused damage to another.

Self-forgiveness is crucial to our mental and physical health.  So, what can help you to forgive yourself?

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None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes.  The problem is many of us are on the spectrum for autism without even realising it.  We expect too much from ourselves and punish our inability to follow through on a task or problem without any problems.  We must not expect perfection from ourselves!

The great thing about history is that it’s there for us to learn from.  If only most of us did!  Learning from our errors will in return help us not repeat them.  Such a simple formula, yet, most of our errors come from an inner desire to be satisfied with doing the wrong thing.  No wonder, it’s so difficult to cut out bad habits!  Just don’t give up doing what’s right.

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Nothing happens (unless you’re cress) overnight; so patience with yourself is needed.  Don’t rush things!  It’s like painting a wall; if you apply the second coat before it’s had time to fully dry you end up with the new paint peeling or drying terribly ugly as though you’ve artexed your walls (not a good look).

At times we make mistakes because we hang around the wrong kind of people.  People who don’t encourage us to do well or be the best we can.  The kind of friends who will go clothes  shopping with and tell you even the most unflattering outfit looks amazing on you.  Associate with friends who are encouraging, positive and kind, but will also tell you the truth.

Be a peace-maker and not a peace-breaker!  When you make your peace with someone you will in turn receive inner peace.  So, if you have hurt someone, unintentionally or not, take responsibilty for it and be quick to say sorry.

We will never be able to control the thoughts or actions of another, but we can control or own.    Forgiveness will always lead to better relationships, inner peace, less stress, less hostility, and improved physical and mental health.


6 thoughts on “Why Is It Hard To Forgive Myself?

  1. Oh yes! We are extremely hard on ourselves….and keep hurting for the wrong decisions we made and the chances we didn’t take…and sadly it never ends….a viciouscycle this self-loathing is.

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      1. I guess we all have experienced something like this at least once…..and some of us maybe more than they ever want to admit….regrets, whether we like it or not, there is no denying we all have way too may 🙂

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