One Real Friend Is Better Than A Thousand Likes!

No greater burden can be born(e) by an individual than to know no one cares or understands - A. H . Stainback The thought of having no one to talk to about the goings on in life would be a very sad thing.  Everyone should have at least one person they can trust implicitly.  Whether … Continue reading One Real Friend Is Better Than A Thousand Likes!


Mood Boosting Mushroom Pasta Recipe

Everyone needs comfort food to help them forget the worries of the day.  This particular recipe is high in carbohydrates which instantly gives you a boost of energy. Mushrooms are undergoing studies for mood boosting properties. One especially prominent species called 'Lion's Mane Mushroom' could hold the key to helping neurological scientists find a cure … Continue reading Mood Boosting Mushroom Pasta Recipe

Get out the house!

A chair doesn't have to be emptyWhen did we start to become prisoners of our home?  There is a big wide world out there full of interesting stories and people to become familiar with.  Not to mention that being outside in actual daylight is good for our physical and emotional health.  Our desire to be … Continue reading Get out the house!